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Are you ADD? or is it a shitty ad?

Why do people skip ads? Block ads? Don't watch ads? Is it because people's attention span is reducing or is the real reason because the ads are shitty?

Traditionally brands have relied on glossy 30-second ad spots to get their message across. And as consumers swiping/scroll behaviour increased, advertisers adapted and responded by compressing their message into 3-second wonders.

Brendan Gahan argues that in a lot of cases this has been to the detriment of the brand and "while people don’t watch (most ads), it's clear that it is not the case for everyone and it certainly is not because we’ve all got some goldfish sized attention spans or have ADD."

He argues that the real winners are those with good creative and its evident if you look at the shaving category. While not a well-known brand in SA, the appearance of Dollar Shave Club (a subscription box) in the US caught a lot of the big guys off guard, namely the shaving giant Gillette. They are known for using distinctly off-the-wall messaging, heavy use of social media and direct to consumer sales, which has won major viral attention.

Dollar Shave Club also uses quirky 90-second ads to spread its word online, presenting itself as un-ignorable by comparison to the competition. Even though we live in a time when people can skip ads, block ads, and avoid ads showing that good creative will stop the avid scrollers if it's worth watching.

Brendan advocates 'back to basics' starting with listening, relevancy and optimising your strategy when engaging customers.

"Until brands and agencies can learn to be more efficient and adapt to the new landscape – and really embrace integration of media and creative, optimizing for performance, and influencer marketing they simply will not improve."

You can read the full article on Brendan's blog.

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