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Use this time to revise your digital marketing strategy

“When the economy comes back again, I bet businesses will wish they had more time to revise, invigorate and maximise their digital marketing strategy. The time is now to ensure your digital marketing is maximised so you are ready to grow your business beyond the COVID-19 slow-down" says Russell Easther.

Easther, a digital marketing trainer at Digital brief, shares his 7 tips to ensure your digital marketing is maximised.

  1. Staying in touch with existing customers

  2. What is happening across your website right now?

  3. What are your competitors doing?

  4. Is everything up-to-date on your website?

  5. Search marketing keyword review

  6. Digital marketing budget review

  7. Take the time to learn more about digital marketing

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Source | Ian Horswill, CEO Magazine

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