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There’s no better time to shine a spotlight

Nybble gets behind the 'Support Small' initiative and is appealing to fellow South African’s to do the same.

Each week, Nybble will shine the "Spotlight On" a small business with the intention of raising brand awareness to encourage the support of local entrepreneurs and businesses. In paying it forward, we hope to see a number of new brands popping up in our social feeds to build awareness of the difference your one purchase could make to someone else’s livelihood.

Spotlight On will do a weekly post sharing the details and a story behind a local South African business.

“There is no better time to share a sense of ubuntu and put your money where it counts and that's showing support of a local business," says Farah Thompson.

"Too many people think a small action won’t make a difference, we challenge that thinking and ask you to use your collective power to build a network effect that could have a positive impact on even one small business today."

If you are a business owner that would like to be featured in the series or know of one that could benefit from being profiled, let us know here.

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