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The e-commerce surge

Benedict Evans believes we are in a period of both forced experiment and forced experimentation. When everyone was online and willing to try anytime online earlier this year, they now no longer have a choice.

"So, some of this is the future happening more quickly, with years of growth being pulled forward, but some of it also is an experiment that won’t stick. We’ll find out which in the next six months or so".

Both the UK and (today) the USA have given official statistics on how ecommerce and retail have changed during lockdown. The headline numbers are pretty dramatic. The UK went from 20% ecommerce penetration to over 30% in two months, and the USA from 17% to 22%.

With grocery shopping leading the way, the stats are staggering. Literally 5 years growth in 3 months but it remains to be seen whether this behaviour will stick.

View the charts tracking online vs off line sales, here.

Source | Benedict Evans

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