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The creative comeback

As advertisers have scrambled to adjust their campaigns away from physical spaces, some brands are facing challenges using media for the first time. 

In the latest paper released by IPSOS, they report:

1. Two out of three creatives fail when not tested and this equally applies to online advertising.

2. Up to 50% of display ads are not viewable, and over a third of online ads are served to the wrong target.

3. Added to this, 78% of Facebook Video ads are watched for three seconds or less.

It’s first of all a question of survival, of showing that your brand can still help, and answer people’s needs, empathizes, so it can find and play its role in this new normal, and stay alive in everyone’s minds.

We’ve established already that it is not a good time for brands to go dark, and that people expect that brands will continue to do what they do – they want to hear from them.

Brands and creativity have always had economic and social value, now the ideas and stories they tell may well be one of the things that help win this war.

The data from previous crises show that those brands who maintain or increase their advertising spend in times of crisis benefit from greater revenue during the crisis, compared to those who cut their communications work. 

Even if the context of the crisis is completely novel, Ipsos lessons learned in developing strong, purpose-led communication still apply:

  1. Being authentic and faithful to what the brand stands for

  2. Making sure you act and do, as much or even before telling

  3. Find the right story and striking the right tone

  4. Leveraging multi-touchpoint campaigns to ensure you deliver the right messages to people where they are now and when they are most receptive

This is a question of short-term survival indeed, but also essential to prepare the medium-term revival, to plan for the day after tomorrow when people will go back to their normal lives. It is about making sure you will continue to be part of people’s lives in the new context that they will live.

These and other interesting insights are shared in the latest IPSOS "Creative Fightback" paper.

Source | IPSOS and read more coverage on this research on Bizcommunity

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