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#StartupStory: Media agency Nybble launches during lockdown

Independent, full service, integrated media agency, Nybble launched last week. Offering fully integrated marketing and advertising solutions across all channels and platforms, irrespective of creative format, and based around five core media services: strategy, planning and consultation, paid media, data and analytics, content creation, and design and development.

Jessica sat down with the Co-founder, Gustav Goosen, to get a better understanding of what's behind the name and the offering.

Why did you decide to launch a new business venture?

We've worked together in different roles, across different mediums, for many years and developed a great sense of mutual respect for not only the work we've done and our individual career achievements but also the unique characteristics, traits and areas of expertise each of us offer.

When we first started discussing putting Nybble together, the excitement of being able to harness all of that was electrifying. The prospects of being able to share it with our clients and help them do what they do better lit the room and we instantly knew we were onto something special.

And why now, during the lockdown and amid a global crisis?

We knew we had the right recipe with Nybble from the outset before the pandemic hit. Of course, the onslaught of Covid-19 caught us off-guard like everyone else and we've had to very quickly assess our own business strategies and tactics and where needed, adapt them. That in itself reflects the character of our team, face the challenge head-on and find a solution.

We're confident the rich mix of experience, skill sets, realism and pragmatism will see us through this pandemic and be of immense value for our clients to tap into.

How did you come up with the name?

Common bit-lengths of binary numbers include bits, nybbles (nibbles) and bytes. So, having worked in technology for years, the name Nybble just resonated, and of course, there’s a bit of quirkiness to it too. Who doesn't want to take a ‘byte’ of the cookie?

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Source | Jessica Tennant, Bizcommunity

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