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Spotlight On | Wovendust, from hotels to hospitals!

Wovendust, a uniform specialist, is well known in the Hospitality industry having dressed over 20 000 staff members across hotels, lodges, spas, and resorts.

Founded in 2006, by Yvette Williams, this passionate entrepreneur understands that a key differentiator in a service-focused industry is your staff. She made her mark as she set out to create uniforms that 'weaved the culture' of their clients' brands into each custom-designed uniform.

But then Covid-19 hit in March 2020, leaving their core client base all but closed down. And as any savvy entrepreneur knows, you either adapt or die and she chose to former as they applied their experience, knowledge, skills, and manufacturing capacity to benefit another industry – Healthcare.

“We had to adapt, be brave, and lockdown was not going to slow us down. We began exploring how we could pivot the business to survive lockdown, remain relevant, and offer an authentic solution to meet the increasing need for medical uniforms,” explains founder and MD, Yvette Williams.

Being a small business has its benefits, allowing quick decision making and being nimble enough to adapt in a churn environment. This wasn’t a ‘small tweak' shift, but full throttle into a new industry where they had no prior experience or connections.

A new Healthcare division is born

After consulting with peers in the medical field, in just three short weeks, the team developed a range of medical scrubs that emphasizes function over form ticking priorities of durability, washability and comfort.

The Wovendust Healthcare division was born allowing the team to find a new space into which they could continue operating and keep their staff employed.

“We found a new space into which we could fit and have found supplying healthcare workers so very rewarding - especially at this critical time; when doctors and nurses have become our new superheroes."

Wovendust has shown how it is possible to pivot in business - stay in the familiar, do what you know best, and then make the turn in a new direction. Staying grounded, staying steady but also moving forward.

With a small passionate team, they continue to deliver a professional service that delights a range of clients from small relaxed style safari lodges, 6-star hotels to our local heroes and frontline health heroes fighting this pandemic.

To find out more about Wovendust and support local, view their full product line here.

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