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New agency takes a Nybble out of the independent media agency space

"It takes a dollop of guts, a few tablespoons of confidence and a whole lot of chutzpah to launch a new media agency right in the middle of a global pandemic. But that’s just what the founders of Nybble have done."

The coronavirus pandemic has heralded a new way of working but the Nybble team believe ways of work were already changing, and COVID-19 “just stepped up with a ‘hold my beer’ moment”, says Goosen.

“It’s proven to be a catalyst of unprecedented magnitude to force remote working, digitisation and ecommerce, which we embrace. No one can accurately predict the ‘new normal’, but we do expect to see a renewed appreciation of humanity, purpose and wellness, which will impact business, society and consumerism,” he says.

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Source: Glenda Nevill, The Media Online

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