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Martin Sorrell on why to be 'a half glass full' person

While a healthy dose of realism is needed in times of difficulty, optimist Martin Sorrell believes that you also need to provide a vision.

I’ve always been a bit more optimistic than most. The glass is half-full for me, not half-empty and that’s for a very important reason. Trying to lead a business or trying to direct a business in these times, I think you have to be realistic. You have to tell the unvarnished truth to your people but similarly you have to give them a vision.

The parallels can be to Shackleton and Napoleon: Telling the truth … but also giving them a modus vivendi — a way of thinking about what’s happening in a much more constructive way. 

While he predicted that businesses will follow a more V-shaped curve in their road to recovery, he notes that the travel and leisure industries are likely to be more L shaped. Read the full article on Digiday

Source | Lara O'Reilly, Digiday

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