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Spotlight On | Beliefin U - Free your Mind and Fly

What are you doing to free your mind from day-to-day worries?

Beliefin U uses neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to enable you to become the best version of yourself, be it on a personal or professional level.

NLP deals mainly with the subconscious mind, and it is the domain of all emotions. So any memories good or bad are stored here and often the bad experience in your past, plays a role in not achieving your best version of yourself.

Yusuf Mohammed is a Civil Engineer, Construction Manager, Business Continuity Manager, Entrepreneur, Sports Coach and more recently an internationally certified Neuro-Linguistic trainer.

Yusuf started Beliefin U to assist individuals to unlock their true potential by removing the limiting belief or past experience, which holds them back to experience a brighter future.

The beauty of this world we take for granted and we engrossed ourselves in the tech world. We forget to earth ourselves, which is part of healing the body and providing a healthy mind, body, and soul. Prayer is earthing and walking with your bare feet on the earth is another,” explains Yusuf Mohamed.

In his charitable work and in business he found the interaction and interpersonal relationships to be both rewarding and stimulating. Yusuf’s key strength is to turn a negative situation into something positive, converting it into a learning experience.

Throughout history, mankind always endured many challenges. These challenges were placed upon them by social, economic, environmental conditions, and by themselves. Some gave up, while others were flexible and adjusted by finding alternatives. Some had support and guidance, while others faced constant fear and negativity and were unaware of their hidden gifts to overcome this fear.

Society has made us conform and we are led to believe that our lives have to be structured in a certain way. Meaning going to school then to university and eventually time to marry and start a family. That is okay however when an age limit is fixed for someone to achieve something at a certain age the pressure often does more harm than good.

70% of people are unhappy with what they are currently doing and wish or often think of doing something different. Don’t give up your job just yet because you need a plan.

My views regarding this high percentage are due to the following reasons:

  • The environment or culture they operate in clashes with their values and beliefs

  • The economy and how certain industries are affected and cause uncertainty

  • The human mind of being in a constant curiosity phase “What if”

  • The pay might not be worth the energy you put in

So how do we experience reality?

There can be a few people at an event and we all witness the same event, but the internal representation we make about the outside event is not necessarily the event itself. So the internal representation combined with our physiology creates a state of mind. That state of mind can be happy, sad, confused or motivated, etc. The event itself comes through our sensory input channels such as taste, smell, feeling, hearing, and sight. This information is then filtered and we process this event that we experienced. During this process, we delete, distort and generalize the information that comes in so we don’t experience the true reality but our reality.

Then you have other factors that change your perception, such as your values, beliefs, memories, and decisions that we made in the past which have worked for us or against us. All life lessons which helps us grow.

Let your mind be free of worry and live in the NOW state. We can’t control everything in life so relax and enjoy life as it unfolds and sets your mind free so you can fly with a smile.

Positive tips for flying high:

  • In times of hardship take deep breaths and relax. After every hardship comes ease

  • Be in a state of curiosity, but don’t kill the cat

  • Surround yourself with people that make you smile, and that supports you

  • Take the time to clear your mind in positive quiet surroundings

  • If you feel sorry for yourself think about other people’s situation

  • Forgive more because hate kills your own heart

  • Live life in moderation and look for balance

  • Help others if you can

  • Smile more often as a genuine smile is an act of charity

  • Build up emotional intelligence by developing your social skills

  • Invest in your mind, body and soul

Wishing everyone a lucid mind!

“Like a caterpillar, it goes into isolation for a silence period, that is the period of majestic growth listening to your inner beauty.”

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