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Facebook - to boycott or not?

While it may feel morally right to boycott Facebook and support the movement against hate speech and racism, it's not an easy decision for direct to consumer brands who use it solely for customer acquisition.

These direct-to-consumer brands sell directly to customers without retailers acting as middlemen, relying on eye-catching branding and the hyper-targeted advertising that only social media platforms can provide to bring potential customers to their websites, reports the LA Times.

Abandoning those platforms “could mean suicide for some of these smaller brands because that’s their only channel” for advertising, said Jenny Karubian, from the Ready to Launch Research Agency.

So which ones are?

Birchbox a beauty box subscription product, said in an email “this is a decision to be an active participant in dismantling institutional racism and the spread of hate speech. ”

And they are not the only DTC's to join the more than 200 companies who have pulled spend. So the question is what happens to this spend? Is it being reallocated to other platforms or is it a wait and delay spend until Facebook gets its house in order.

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Source | Taylor Avery, The Los Angeles Times

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